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9th November 2007

4:03pm: Well where shall I start?

Moved to Longford (in the Northwest of Ireland) left my job, had a baby in January, my marriage broke up durring the summer. Am now in the midst of 'Separation' no divorce allowed in Ireland until you are legally separtated for 4 years.

So whats new with you?

13th October 2004

7:52pm: I was at my writing class last night.

I got talking to this woman about fanfic.

Her daughters english teacher was a sriptwriter on BtVS for 2 years!! I am trying to find out all the particulars!

Imagine here in MY midst.

11th October 2004

10:43pm: Please tell me what you think!
I had to write a short composition on a colour incorporating the 5 senses. I would appreciate any! feedback.

Red, is not merely a colour. But a force in nature, it chooses to reveal itself to us as a colour. So that that we can have some perception of its power and its creation. It allows us to appreciate its intensity and brilliance through its various manifestations around us and within us.

We are bare and vulnerable , but red, envelops and gorges on us. As the universal symbol for danger, red protects us, it is not danger itself, but warns us of impending perils. Our instinctive recognition of this inherent biological alarm, is born in us, within our blood.

Its natural sweetness envelops us as the trees bear the fruit of its labours . We can taste it on each other when we kiss. We can luxuriate in the feeling of it as the sun bathes our skin, the heat radiating though our bodies, our blood flowing within us. It invigorates and nourishes us, it coarses through our bodies naturally and spills from us as if we were vessels.

It encompasses us in ways we don’t realise. In every excited breath, we can hear it, every heartbeat. As the winter frost takes a hold, we see the flushed cheeks of a passer-by, it is inviting us (to sin?), to warm our hands on their face. As we hold hands we can feel the throbbing of our pulses, together. We can see it in everything we do, a lick of the lips, a secret smile. In the autumn, we can smell it , rich and ripe, ready for plucking. As the sun sets giving us once last glimpse of itself, our appetites are whetted, we are ready to consume, devour each other, feast on our desires and temptations.

8th October 2004

12:09pm: I bought two new CD's today Planxty live and 'O' by Damian Rice. For the unintiated Planxty is traditional irish music.

I started my new job on Tuesday, and its going okay. the job itself is about 7 miles from my home, but for the first 2 weeks I have to travel about 20 miles, which is abit wearisome especially as I am not used to driving so far to work, and the road!! littered with pot holes, you wouldn't even call it a road.

I have to do an exercise about colour for my class, and after completing the exercise I have to write a piece about the colour that emcompasses all the senses. I am going to do Red, I want to write about it as if it were a force in nature. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate them.

3rd October 2004

4:33pm: I have been recently watching Season 4 of BtVS. IN ‘Something Blue’ we really get a hint at Willows future problems with magic as she can’t sope with ‘real’ emotions and wants magic too solve her problems for her. Also aren’t Giles cartoons in HUSH hilarious, they are like Itchy and Scratchy.

I have done some homework for my Creative Writing class. After all the apple bashing of last week I wrote a short piece In defence of applesCollapse ) I also had to write approx. 50 words about a powerful emotion. So I wrote a poem, maybe its a bit angsty, but I would appreciate any thoughts on it Read more...Collapse )

29th September 2004

7:26pm: I went to my first 'Creative Writing' class last night.

It was a a bit disconcerting as there where about 10 people (14 in all)that did the beginners course last year. They were all chummy and I thought a bit smug. I felt like I was trying to infiltrate some underground writing club!!

We were asked to write 50 words on an 'apple'. I wrote a reminiscent piece about when I was a child and my mother and I used to walk to the shops and if I was a 'good girl' I was rewarded with an apple.

Almost everyone else wrote well over 50 words (which I found strange) But what struck me was that it was all negative (apart from one other person) these people considered that apples are bad bad fruit. Obvisously this is something to do with the biblical association that, an apple brought about Adam and Eve's downfall and ejection from paradise. It was an apple that tempted Snow White. I think apples are very much the hard done by fruit!!

25th September 2004

8:30pm: I Have a new job!!!!!!!

And they are paying me more than I asked for!!

So all is well with the world today. Or it should be. I feel kind of crappy.

13th September 2004

7:44pm: I am thinking of getting my hair cut, I am a bit bored with it. So I am going to step of the precipice and put myself into the hands of my hairdresser.

I am also taking up a 'Creative Writing' course (Yes, you could do with it - chorus line)at the end of the month, so that is something to look forward to. Madly I am looking forward to.... homework???

I am still furiously looking for a new job, but no luck yet.

2nd September 2004

8:12pm: Well I have been a married woman ffor a week now.

MY PC hadto be wiped and we reloaded everything, it was quite a tedious exercise.

I have just finished reading 'The Blind Assasin' by Margaret Atwood, it was quite hardwork, but okay. I have just started (and nearly finished) Living dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris. Its a different slant on vampire lore etc.

I am going to throw myself into finishing my fic.

Wish me luck.

12th August 2004

9:27pm: Dogs or Cats??
I had a very long conversation with my four year old nephew on the merits of a dog as a pet versus a cat. He was firmly in the dogs corner, of course, he is the spawn of a cat hating mother, so he been under some prejudicial infleunces, he isn't entirely open minded.

Anyhow, he seems to think dogs are some kind of super heroes and he and his mongrel are going to have some great adventures. He also empahsised the size of the meals he ate and added in a sinister way that he could swallow a cat! ( the dog not him!)

I let him have his way in the end and didn't show much resistence, as a cat owner I know the merits of having such a pet. Anyway if I was getting a dog I would like an Irish Wolfhound which may devour some of the local neighbourhood children that 'wander' into our garden so I would need too invest in a more secure perimeter first.

On a totally unrelated matter, I am getting married in two weeks, feels very surreal, like its happening to someone else. I have also been a bit sick recently I got a sinus infection which spread to my throat and ear, I am on my second bout of antibiotics for that. I also hurt my back ( I fell off my shed) which I have had manipulated back into place twice and am taking anti inflammatory and pain meds for that. I am very pissed off. Two weeks before my sisters wedding I got pneumonia, have I got a psychosymatic allergy to weddings??

There is a huge moth hurling itself against the window.

10th August 2004

1:41pm: My PC is having some difficulties. It started with my usual homepage changing to this crappy obscure page neither of us use and I would change it back, when I would power off and back on it would be back to the crappy page. Then it began getting very sluggish and wouldn't even power off (I had to unplug it)So I ran a virus scan and deleted alot of crap, defragged the hard drive ran the disk cleanup program. And did all this again to make sure I hadn't missed anything. Still not right.

Has anyone any advice??

19th July 2004

8:17pm: Clearout
I am doing a clearout. It is 9 years since I left college. Do people think I should still be hanging on to my college notes? SHould I throw them in the recycling bin???
Current Mood: busy

13th July 2004

10:23pm: OZ is starting here soon, I've heard a little about it. Anyone care to comment?

Also the 2nd series of CSI Miami, It is so bad!

Can anyone tell me what happens in the last episode of the Sopranos, it was aired here last week, but I missed it.
10:09pm: My daughter is spending a few days with the soon to be inlaws, so my partner and I feel like we are on holiday!!
We went to see Shrek 2 on Sunday night - It was the only thing on in the small cinema that remotely interested us. It was funny and light hearted - just what we needed.

Yesterday we took the day off. We went and bought S a new suit for the wedding and did some little bits of shopping, had a nice lunch out. Got back and launched an attck on our garden all 3/4 acres of it. We managed to make quite an impact. The man came to install our new shower. Which as I was all sweaty from the garden was good.

Today when we got home from work, we played tennis for agood 2 hours. I have A REALLY SORE FINGER SO MY TYPING IS PROBABLY REAL BAD, AND i KEEP HITTING THE CAPS KEY by mistake - so forgive me.

My parents dog a Pom, has adopted an abandoned kitten about 6 weeks old (i'm guessing) it is so cute, to see this little dog trying to lift this kitten into its basket and mind it. But I feel a bit sorry for the dog as she was neutered when my parents got her (she was abandoned too) so she will never have her own litter.

Back to the soon to be inlaws, I spoke to my daughter this evening and she seemed to be having a fun time, but guess what she had for dinner??

Spaghetti and potatoes!!
These people havn't afucking clue, 2 caebohydrates!! for fuck sake...

Dumbstupid fucks. Good she is coming home tomorrow.

Again, sorry about the typing - actually two sore fingers.

8th July 2004

7:56pm: Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
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8. music score: 2
9. the cure score: 2
10. fashion score: 2
11. ebm score: 2
12. tim burton score: 2
13. goldfrapp score: 2
14. books score: 2
15. politics score: 2
16. pvc score: 2
17. social commentry score: 2
18. vodka score: 2
19. video games score: 2
20. terry pratchett score: 2

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Tea? Whats that about
What is Goldfrapp, Ebm, anyone?

5th July 2004

7:47pm: L - Plates
I did my driving test today, first time doing it.
I was sent to this repressive room to wait - this room was most uncomfortable, and I almost got the impression it was deliberately designed that way. I waited for 20 minutes.

The tester kept calling me Miss this , Miss that. He would not make eye contact with me (surely a signe of a poor comminicator). And his autonomous robotic approach was making me feel uncomfortable. I fluffed one of the road signs.

We made our way to my car, I attempted a little bit of light conversation on the way to the car this was rebuffed. I made a remark at our counties attempts in the championship, also rebuffed.

Made my way around the course with robotic man, who made me very uncomfortable.

When we returned to the car park, he didn't tell me right away the result, I had to take the long walk to the 'office'! I failed. He would not look me in the eye. He did not give any chance to ask anything, he gave me the report sheet and sent me on my way. Normally I would have been more assertive and asked for some more detailed feedback, but I was in shock with his autocratic approach. I realise that they have o be impartial cannot show any favoutism etc. But they need to develope a sort of bedside manner - to put people at their ease, and not set out to make them feel uncomfortable.

I am not blaming robot man for failing my test, nor am I looking excuses. But his poor manner contributed to my poor performance. Where to they recruit these people???

I think I am having a slight depressive episode. I have come to easily recognize the signs and stop and take a moment to consider. This took years of suffering hellish bouts of chronic depression, as I managed to conceal it well, from other people and would literally be on the brink before I could seek help. Luckily I am past that now.

On a happier note. I bought my wedding shoes, and my daughter's too.

21st June 2004

9:50pm: Return of the Kings, anyone??
Has any one seen a sketch where Ben Stiller and some other guy, are acting like Hollywood producers and are trying to convince a relunctant Peter Jackson that a 4th Lord of the Rings film really could be the way to go. Its very funny. I don't even know what channel it was on, as I was just flicking and came across it.

It was my daughters sports day in school she won the three legged race!! she was over the moon, this with her prima Ballerina performance she gave on Saturday night!! will ensure her future as a confident human being.

I have yet another interview tomorrow.

Wedding plans are beginning to get on my nerves, also the clutch went on my car and needs replacing, €500 anyone??

14th June 2004

8:47pm: My partners father died on friday. He was buried today. He was 74. Which wasn't old or young, but it means my partner has lost one of his parents at quite a young age (he is 32). It really makes you take a look at your own parents at other people you care about and I can't even bare to think about if one of my parents died how I would cope. My daughter was very worried that this means that her other Grandad will be going to heaven too.

9th June 2004

8:56pm: The Artist, or OZ
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Wow, that is remarkably accurate.
8:19pm: I am recovering from the most horrible gastric flu ever!

Think Trainspotting and the most disgusting toilet in the world - thats how bad it was.

Wedding preparations are coming along. We have landscapers in doing the mammoth task of sowing a lawn in our massive garden.

I am still feeling quite weak, I am going to catch up on my friends page.

30th May 2004

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14th May 2004

9:50pm: Have been v. busy making preparations for my wedding. Booking hotels, ordering cakes, going to have a look for a dress tomorrow (not a big meringue, not even white in fact). Being researching some prose to insert into the ceremony. As it is a civil ceremony no religious conotations allowed. So what do you think of this? its actually from Dante's Inferno. Which shadowscast reminded me of the other day. I got Level 2 - Limbo by the way.

'Love unutterable and perfect, flows into a pure soul the way light rushes into a transparent object. The more love we receive, the more love we shine forth; so that, as we grow clear and open, the more complete the joy of loving is. And the more souls who resonate together, the greater the intensity of their love for, mirror-like, each soul reflects the other.'

4th May 2004

8:11pm: I am feeling very groggy today, my night was littered with strange dreams and nonsensical apparitions. I am struggling with my story. I was dreaming about it alot, I can see it playing out in my dreams like a silent episode of BtVS, but there is no dialogue.

I have to go now, and make Rice Cripie / marshmallow cakes with my daughter.
Current Mood: groggy

29th April 2004

8:06pm: We have set a date for the wedding, it will be in August. I am looking out for something suitable to be read at the ceremony. So I would appreciate any suggestions, it can’t have any religious connotations however.

I recently read ‘Bel Canto’ by Ann Patchett, it was extraordinary, absolutely brilliant.

I recently started writing my first attempt at a fanfic story, so I am toiling along. Writing two pages, re-reading it and ending up with just one page.

My branch of work, cease operations tomorrow and I have been relocated to another branch about 12 miles away. So, as I can’t obviously walk that in the morning I am driving and my partner has been relegated to a two hour bus journey each morning and evening.

I have been farting all day. The SBD kind, I swear if you could see farts, these would glow. This is not a problem I normally have, I think it is the rhubarb tart I made yesterday that is to blame.

I am listening to The Doors, which bean_drui reminded me of.

24th April 2004

9:29am: Under the stars
Yesterday, my partner discovered that a huge big tree trunk that has been in our garden since the dawning of time was harbouring wasp nests, so he decided to set it on fire.

So last night it was still burning so we sat outside with a bottle of wine and drank from the bottle and ate toasted marshmallows. Heaven.
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