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I did my driving test today, first time doing it.
I was sent to this repressive room to wait - this room was most uncomfortable, and I almost got the impression it was deliberately designed that way. I waited for 20 minutes.

The tester kept calling me Miss this , Miss that. He would not make eye contact with me (surely a signe of a poor comminicator). And his autonomous robotic approach was making me feel uncomfortable. I fluffed one of the road signs.

We made our way to my car, I attempted a little bit of light conversation on the way to the car this was rebuffed. I made a remark at our counties attempts in the championship, also rebuffed.

Made my way around the course with robotic man, who made me very uncomfortable.

When we returned to the car park, he didn't tell me right away the result, I had to take the long walk to the 'office'! I failed. He would not look me in the eye. He did not give any chance to ask anything, he gave me the report sheet and sent me on my way. Normally I would have been more assertive and asked for some more detailed feedback, but I was in shock with his autocratic approach. I realise that they have o be impartial cannot show any favoutism etc. But they need to develope a sort of bedside manner - to put people at their ease, and not set out to make them feel uncomfortable.

I am not blaming robot man for failing my test, nor am I looking excuses. But his poor manner contributed to my poor performance. Where to they recruit these people???

I think I am having a slight depressive episode. I have come to easily recognize the signs and stop and take a moment to consider. This took years of suffering hellish bouts of chronic depression, as I managed to conceal it well, from other people and would literally be on the brink before I could seek help. Luckily I am past that now.

On a happier note. I bought my wedding shoes, and my daughter's too.
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