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I have been recently watching Season 4 of BtVS. IN ‘Something Blue’ we really get a hint at Willows future problems with magic as she can’t sope with ‘real’ emotions and wants magic too solve her problems for her. Also aren’t Giles cartoons in HUSH hilarious, they are like Itchy and Scratchy.

I have done some homework for my Creative Writing class. After all the apple bashing of last week I wrote a short piece The apple is not actually named in the bible as the forbidden fruit on the tree of knowledge, however I think we have Milton to thank for naming the apple as the biblical fruit. All other religious associations with the apple are positive ones. In Greek mythology it is strongly associated with love, fertility and even eroticism. It symbolises the suns life giving properties. Apple trees where grown down through the ages as much for their aesthetically pleasing qualities as they where for the fruit which they bore. Mathematicians and other theorists believe that Newton didn’t have a eureka moment and an apple fell on his head. But that he used the tale of an apple falling on his head as an analogy to explain his theory. I also had to write approx. 50 words about a powerful emotion. So I wrote a poem, maybe its a bit angsty, but I would appreciate any thoughts on it

Slowly my mind ebbs away, from this grim reality. Relentless my soul stays. Suddenly, my thoughts are flooded with glimpses, images of you. As you cast upon the water, a stone.

Creating ripples on the smooth surface, The reflection disappears, but still I detect the tone of your voice, a picture of your face. A smile , a sneer, a smirk, you’ll still stand erect.

A rancid palate, a callous hand, only angry sound…
Your lethargic energy, a demonic fallacy?

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