Poppy (dearg) wrote,

Please tell me what you think!

I had to write a short composition on a colour incorporating the 5 senses. I would appreciate any! feedback.

Red, is not merely a colour. But a force in nature, it chooses to reveal itself to us as a colour. So that that we can have some perception of its power and its creation. It allows us to appreciate its intensity and brilliance through its various manifestations around us and within us.

We are bare and vulnerable , but red, envelops and gorges on us. As the universal symbol for danger, red protects us, it is not danger itself, but warns us of impending perils. Our instinctive recognition of this inherent biological alarm, is born in us, within our blood.

Its natural sweetness envelops us as the trees bear the fruit of its labours . We can taste it on each other when we kiss. We can luxuriate in the feeling of it as the sun bathes our skin, the heat radiating though our bodies, our blood flowing within us. It invigorates and nourishes us, it coarses through our bodies naturally and spills from us as if we were vessels.

It encompasses us in ways we don’t realise. In every excited breath, we can hear it, every heartbeat. As the winter frost takes a hold, we see the flushed cheeks of a passer-by, it is inviting us (to sin?), to warm our hands on their face. As we hold hands we can feel the throbbing of our pulses, together. We can see it in everything we do, a lick of the lips, a secret smile. In the autumn, we can smell it , rich and ripe, ready for plucking. As the sun sets giving us once last glimpse of itself, our appetites are whetted, we are ready to consume, devour each other, feast on our desires and temptations.
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